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Whist I experience a fair share of joy when working on my projects, it's meeting new people throughout the process that's the most enjoyable. It is a part of the process that will never get stale. Meeting like-minded people with similar interests, being able to tap into a near-infinite knowledge base, making parallels between the technology you and the other specialize in, discussing and sharing interesting ideas... The inspiration is endless! These are the people that have opened my eyes and made me realize how accessible good information and education actually is. Ofcourse I'm not saying that investing thousands of euros in a dysfunctional education system to receive material already available in books, likely coming from a person with little to none hands-on experience is necissarily a bad thing. It will atleast give you a piece of paper that will guarantee you a significantly higher salary and more credibility! Though, I noticed all a truly passionate hobbyist/specialist/retiree needs is your enthusiasm and dedication. In return you'll receive years or decades of hands-on experience and practical knowledge, and absolutely more importantly, you'll expand your network of people who you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee with!


Therefore, I want to dedicate this page to the people I've met throughout my journey (atleast the part that's documented on this website) that have made an everlasting impression on me and that have contributed to my projects with knowledge, laborious efforts, donations, and other means! Clicking on the photo will bring you to the personal page of the persons website (in the case they happen to own one), whilst clicking in the name will bring you to their home page.


During attending a machining course where I could learn to operate a lathe or mill to fill an important gap in my education, I came across someone with a strikingly similar curiosity to mine. Someone interesting with the same interests, yet with a very different background and skillset...  And most appreciatlively, a generous nature! Ruben has given me the access to the most serious of (power)tools to tackle projects I would't dreamt of! Please take a look at his whereabouts. You won't be dissapointed!


During my journey, thoroughly exploring the "buchungsmaschine", I  found Wim's greatly recourseful website. With beautifully captured photographs of mechanical calculators, and thorough information about what makes them whirr and buzz, it motivated me to go out and get my own buchungsmaschine: the Ascota 170. If you have the time, please check out his website! Even if you're not nescessarily interested in mechanics, give it a chance. The engineering behind these devices is gorgeous!

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